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Contestant's comments

Hi all I’m from Hall Green , Birmingham, I also have complex autism alongside my EDS and use a communication device. My EDS has given me gastroparesis, I’m tube fed by NJ 23 hours a day into my small bowel. I wear hip braces and a shoulder brace everyday because I had it fused in 2015 due to the amount of dislocations. I’m a full time wheelchair user and I’ve had 2018,2019,2020 in hospital but this year I am adamant I’m staying out. I want to be at home!

My strawberry dream cake was a made up recipe. I’ve got a severe learning disability so I struggle to read and write and follow instructions so my mom who also has EDS helped me with weighing things and using the oven. I have used a non slip bowl which was a great help and then I just went for it looking at what was in the kitchen (Ha ha) I use my over bed table to do all baking on as I find it much easier than kitchen worktops. I’ve never entered anything like this before but after nearly dying twice in 2020 and losing my speech in 2018 I’m just living life , having fun and giving new things a try!

Love Sophie x

Judges' comments

We were all wowed by this young ladies positive attitude and this strawberry dream cake was absolutely amazing to look at!

A delicious looking cake baked by an inspirational young lady.