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South London
Pastry week

Contestant's comments

I am Sebastian. I will be 6 in a few weeks. My mum is a zebra and I don’t know if am a zebra or not, but it is not important as I know what it means to live with one. It is also super fun because it means that I learn to do super fun things like cooking. Like this fruit tart.

I would have never imagined that I would be able to pull it off! My auntie, who lives in the U.S. said, that there are people that would have never dreamt to make a fruit tart, so kudos to me for having done it, whatever the result of this competition!

To make things a bit easier and because kneading is not our forte here, mum had the pastry ready rolled in the freezer so we just had to defrost it. She made sure it is dairy free because otherwise it is not good for her. Mum gave me a cool tart tin with a loose bottom and fluted sides. I just had to lay the pastry and ping it with the fork. After I put some oven paper on, I laid down ceramic balls to blind bake the pastry, so it would not rise whilst cooking. Twenty mins later it was cooked and we let it cool.

Then it was then time to put a layer of my favourite strawberry jam on it and then strawberries and mango.  I choose those fruits because they are my favourites and I researched online to get some inspiration and learn how to best display them on the tart.

I carefully chose my strawberries, only the sweetest and juiciest! Mum said that she gave me 800g to choose from and it took me two hours. I ate most of them and only a few ended up on the tart! Mum also insists on saying that she gave me two mangoes and that I ate one and a half and only half went on the tart! I only want to say that quality control is a serious matter, and that to me it felt it only took me ten minutes to put the fruit on the tart.

You might see that I used a corer to make mango cylinders. It is my favourite tool ever! For the jelly, I used the normal jelly that you use to make jelly for your children, we all love it. And of course, I flooded the tart. I actually flooded the whole table in the process but it didn’t affect the actual quality of the tart.

As an extra touch, I have then grated some merengue on top because I like it so much. After the tart chilled overnight I finally could cut it and taste it. It tastes like those amazing gelato that you can only have in Italy. Yummy scrumptious!

Ps: On request I can tell you everything about the role of the Lego front loader you see in one of the pictures.

Judges' comments

An excellent tart with loads of fruit and a good pastry base - worthy of a pastry chef!