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East of England
Pastry week

Contestant's comments

Hi, my name is Sarah. I was diagnosed with EDS in 2014 as a teenager, which was a year after my mum was diagnosed with it. I was fortunate in that it meant we knew what symptoms to look for, and know that when I was being told I just had anxiety there was more to it than that! I also got diagnosed with POTS the same year.

Growing up I was very active, getting involved in all sorts of sports and clubs, but I had to give them all up when pain and tiredness became too much. Baking is the one activity I can still do from my childhood, as I’ve been able to make adjustments, like using a stool in the kitchen that I sit on to bake. I love baking for family and friends, I’m almost always baking, coming up with new recipes for them to try. I work shifts so often have to condense all my baking to my days off. With my family the bakes dont stick around long either so I’m always busy baking when my health allows!

Judges' comments

I couldn't get over the patience in making these striped pastry tarts - what a triumph