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East of England

Contestant's comments

This cheesecake was really fun to make! I topped a biscuit base with spoonfuls of white and dark chocolate cheesecake mix, before baking it and finishing it off with cream and more chocolate! I was able to break it down into separate sections and rest in between as I have chronic fatigue.

I also had to be creative in quite a lot of instances as whilst I’m at university lots of my baking equipment and aids are at home – whipping the cream by hand was certainly a formidable opponent for my hEDS! But my incredible flatmates are always on hand to help out. I’ve had a tiring but rewarding day making this.

The smell of the cheesecake as it came out of the oven was incredible and the chocolate shards add a great crunch to the top.

Judges' comments

What to say about this one - absolutely mouthwateringly delicious - we wished we had a slice of this one!