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South West

Contestant's comments

After many years of struggling with pain and other EDS symptoms, I finally received the formal hEDS diagnosis last November at the age of 38.

I struggle to stand for too long, and my hands make it tricky to do the intricate stuff so I used one vanilla and one chocolate sponge cake mix, a tub of vanilla frosting and a box of coloured ready to roll icing for this cake. I traced the basic pattern of a zebra face onto grease proof paper and then cut it into a set of template pieces so that I could make this as zebra-like as possible!

As it was my birthday a couple of days ago, and I am a full time student now, I decided to take my cake into college yesterday to share with my tutor group and friends on the course – it was definitely enjoyed by many of my class mates!

Judges' comments

This looked amazing and the inside of the cake just looked so moist and delicious!