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Cake week

Contestant's comments

My name is Kat and I’m an undiagnosed zebra from Leeds. I’m also carer for my husband and teenage daughter, who are being investigated for new rarer types of EDS by the EDS diagnostic centre in Sheffield. My bake had to be nut and dairy free for our allergies.

I manage to use a normal cake recipe, but replace the butter with a dairy free spread. I use a rubber bottomed mixing bowl and electric mixer to make it easier on my wrists and thumbs. For icing, Asda own brand frosting is dairy free, and easier than making my own dairy free butter icing for the crumb coat, then ready coloured roll out icing is easier than adding the colour myself, as I find that particularly hard on the thumbs.

The cake design is a fallapsed zebra. A combination of a fall and a collapse, which we can do when we are tired zebra. It has zebra stripes inside and out. The design is simple but effective, having learnt that simple designs done well look better than complicated designs done badly, from when I tried to do a 3d Thomas the Tank Engine cake when my daughter was two.

Judges' comments

We loved this 3D zebra cake especially as it had follapsed (fall/collapse) into an exhausted position – a little like we all can do!