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Cake week

Contestant's comments

My name is Kaitee and I am a modelmaking graduate from Kent, UK. I love being creative and baking for me is a form of therapy – I hope that my cake entry is eye-catching enough to get people’s attention and raise awareness for EDS!

My EDS was diagnosed at the age of 7 years old, in 2004 – which is pretty lucky (if you look at it that way) considering research then was extremely limited and the information given was pretty ambiguous. Growing up, the hardest thing about my condition was managing the risks of injury. It is hard to avoid absolutely everything without being permanently wrapped in bubble wrap!

Thankfully, I have always had my creativity and art to keep me going, whether it’s drawing, sculpting, baking, or decorating; if my hands busy then I have a sense of purpose – it keeps my mind focused and distracts pain. Wiggling my fingers helps circulation too!

For me now, my symptoms of EDS range daily – snap, crackle and pop is an everyday symphony that runs throughout my body! Whilst this invisible illness is a huge part of my life, I do not let it define who I am, or limit me in any way, shape or form. I will leave my creations to do the talking!

I hope my baking brings you a smile!

Judges' comments

What is not to love about a giant French Fancy! Great attention to detail and lovely to hear that baking helps your mental health too.

This vegan cake looks mouthwatering!