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South East

Contestant's comments

I have made a selection of cakes all that have tastes of the funfair! We have an apple cupcake with caramel and fudge toppings, we have a chocolate cupcake with popped ‘not corn’ as my brother is allergic to corn, a vanilla cupcake with a candy floss topping and funfetti doughnuts with chocolate toppings! I wanted to make my cake fun and my favourite Lego sets gave me inspiration so I made cakes to represent all of my families favourite fairground treats! I find both baking and Lego really help me to distract from the aches and pains of my EDS and they also help with my strength building too! Plus after making all these treats I get to share them with all my family including my aunts and cousins!

Judges' comments

What a lot of work went into the baking and the funfair scene - it was a feast for the eyes!