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South East

Contestant's comments

Isabelle wanted to make a bread that looked as good as it tastes so we decided to make a garden focaccia. When choosing a theme for her garden Isabelle remembered a meditation story she listens to before bedtime about jellyfish under the sea and thought this would make a perfect idea for her focaccia.

Isabelle’s EDS causes her problems falling asleep as she suffers with lots of pain at bedtime and finds it difficult to wind down and relax. We have tried lots of things to help and find mindfulness stories and yoga before bed to be really useful.

When baking the focaccia Isabelle really enjoyed herself but found the kneeding and the cutting of the veg tiring. The recipe was easy and only needed a small amount of equipment so we will definitely be making it again!

Judges' comments

This was amazing! We loved the under the sea theme and it looked delicious!