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Elsa and Barney

East Midlands
Cake week

Contestant's comments

I am Elsa. I am 7years old and live in Derby. My little brother is called Barney and he is 2. I am kind, funny and I’m a really good friend…I love playing and laughing. My favourite things to do are baking, dancing and reading.

I have EDS and I also see a special doctor about MCAS. These things make me really sore and tired quite a lot, and bits of my body are naughty…but I am perfectly Elsa! I take medicine and have physiotherapy and lots of lovely doctors who help me. I do also wear a suit and ‘splints’ and they are pink!! My brother is super bendy but he hasn’t been poorly…I will help him, if he struggles.

I made this extra special cake with my brother and mummy. I drew a picture and picked the colours and flavours. My arms ache when I stir, so we bought a shiny stand mixer (we call it Ken), and I also swap between standing and sitting in the kitchen. We bought ready rolled marzipan because that is tricky for my shoulders…but we rolled the  icing all together! I love my cake! It was so delicious, we shared it with our neighbours.

Judges' comments

Well done Elsa and Barney – you get my judges handshake!


We loved that you made this together and the decoration was amazing! How lovely to share your baking with the neighbours too.